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Episode 2: OUT NOW!

Getting Harry Episode 2 is now OUT on Youtube! The long-anticipated sequel to the pilot has come...get ready!

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 Getting Harry

A New Mini Series 

Lucas's newest venture was the development of his own pilot episode for a mini-series he hopes that can acquire funding. This is a pilot that was produced and cast by Lucas. This story follows four teens who end up acquainted unexpectedly. In a matter of moments what is thought to be a drive home becomes a situation that the teens will remember for the rest of their lives.

Getting Harry Poster - Fall 2020
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Alternative Getting Harry Poster
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Getting Harry- Mini Series: Bio

Getting Harry Ep. 1: Doublemint Gum Out Now!

Watch the first installment of the new mini-series Getting Harry! This is only the pilot for a mini-series that has intentions of only growing and getting better as the story continues. Watch now on Youtube!

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